We are proud to work in partnership, working together to benefit young people who need it most

Higher Education

Through targeting learners from specific widening participation backgrounds, Aimhigher London works with our higher education members to meet their Access and Participation Plan commitments, supporting progression onto higher level qualifications 


Further Education Colleges

Aimhigher London is proud to collaborate with further education members, delivering sustained and progressive outreach to learners who need it most, meeting Gatsby, Ofsted and Access and Participation Plan targets

South Thames Colleges Group consisting of:


Aimhigher London and our member and partner schools, support students from widening participation backgrounds, through the delivery of a sustained and progressive programme of impartial outreach

Together, we aim to close the gap in the participation rate between different groups of students, promote equality of opportunity for all, and ensure that students are equipped to make the most of the opportunities that higher education offers

We are proud of the relationships we have developed over the years and for the continued support of our schools. Together we deliver Gatsby Benchmarks 2,3,4 and 7, contribute to one of four key Ofsted measures: the personal development of pupils

Virtual Schools

Aimhigher London’s work with Virtual School Leads in Local Authorities is invaluable, supporting young people with experience of living in care to thrive, achieve, stay in education and progress

Find out more about the programmes for care experienced young people and the wider partnerships we have developed

Uni Connect Partnerships

Aimhigher London are proud to be one of three delivery partners for London Uni Connect increasing awareness amongst young Londoners of opportunities available in higher education including: 

  • Offering guidance for teachers and advisors
  • Supporting schools and colleges to access outreach specific to their needs
  • Bringing wider partnerships from across higher education outreach in London together to foster greater collaboration

Our London Uni Connect partners are:

  • Access HE
  • Linking London

For more information on the national Uni Connect Programme visit the Office for Students website. 


Aimhigher London deliver activities and resources in collaboration with wider stakeholders, to ensure impartial, sustainable advice and guidance for learners who need it most

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