Learner Progression Programme (LPP)

Learner Progression Programme (LPP)

The Aimhigher London’s flagship sustained and progressive programme the LPP was transformed from the NCOP programme that preceded it, taking forward much of the same thinking and best practice to deliver UniConnect and Aimhigher London objectives.

In collaboration with our schools and higher education partners. we work with young people from year 9 to year 13, who are from low socio-economic backgrounds and who meet the widening participation criteria.

The headline for our delivery in 2022/23 are:

Our offer this year has been badly affected by strike action with a number of activities and events being cancelled last minute, notably for our year 12 students, so to ensure they receive the support needed to get through the daunting UCAS preparation and applications for early 2023/24, we launched a new in-school offer

  • Cutting through the Noise – a series of short interventions covering Admissions, Navigating UCAS, Choosing a University, Choosing a Course, Jargon Buster and Finance – short informative and meaningful interventions for year 12 students to support decision making on next steps.

To explore further into the minds and hearts of our post-covid learners, we have also been holding a series of focus groups with year 12 students in 3 schools, called Knowledge Exchange. The pilot aims to identify skills, interests and aspirations and to understand more about the impact covid has had on their university journey, levels of engagement and learner outcomes.  More on the Knowledge Exchange at the end of the year.

Interesting information from the evidence we are gathering to date on the key stages are:

Key Stage 5 Highlights

73% Can now see themselves at university with 43% of those strongly agreeing

Going well:

Attitude and awareness of university as a destination after school is high, as is the research into potential course options from this group of respondents.

To work on….

We are conscious students need more support with information on finance and money, along with a boost in their self-belief.

50% agree they feel more confident making the right decisions to go to Uni

30% agree they would be able to manage money whilst at university and understand how student finance works

64% agree there are things they study now that they’d like to develop and deepen at Uni

57% feel more confident about meeting and mixing with new people

Key Stage 4 Highlights

29% agree they know more about how the courses they are studying now could lead to a specific course at university

Going well

Just over half the students can imagine themselves at university and can see a purpose to working hard for good grades in their GCSE’s

To work on….

To build links between courses they are studying now and how these can lead on to a huge choice of subjects at university. As well as how 6th form choices are part of this learning journey

50% agree they feel better able to make choices about what they will do in the sixth form/at college

43% agree they feel better able to make choices about what they will do after sixth form/college

52% agree that they can imagine themself at university with a 1/3 of those strongly agreeing

52% agree they can see more of a reason for getting good grades at GCSE

Key Stage 3 Highlights

72% agree they can now describe a university they’ve visited and what students do who study there

Going well

A keen group of young people interested in university following a visit and understanding how university fits into post 16 learning

To work on…

More self-belief to experience new people and places

45% agree they can name a specific course that they might like to study at university

55% agreed they know more about what they might study in the 6th form

51% feel more confident about meeting and travelling to new places

We will be reporting again at the end of the year!

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