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The Learner Progression Programme (LPP): a unique approach to working with students throughout their school years

The LPP is a unique approach to working with learners throughout their school years across all key stages. Supporting Our Learners to learn about, understand and be ready to progress to higher education.

Delivering sustained, impartial advice and guidance to Our Learners, their parents or carers and teachers and practitioners in education, to address the progression gap, to:
• Support successful transition into university.
• Deliver against Gatsby Benchmarks targets for our schools.
• Deliver against Access and Participation Plan commitments for our universities.

For Learners

The LPP is a series of opportunities to engage with higher education throughout secondary school. The impartial sustained and progressive approach includes in-school, on-campus and online experiences, all of which have been designed and co-created with our higher education and school partners.

As the learner moves between key stages, so do the opportunities to understand more about higher education and graduate employment possibilities. Regular interventions build confidence and resilience to not only practice the skills and competencies to progress successfully but to also choose the right course and navigate the pathways ahead. There are three levels of delivery:

In-school: Cutting Through the Noise
Short modular interactive sessions adapted across the key stages and covering everything from university admissions, to choosing a university course, an apprenticeship or GCSE’s.

On-campus: Explore and Inspire
Opportunities to visit one of our university partners to understand study beyond school, experience academic sessions, campus tours and meet role models.

On-line: What Next
Understanding and uncovering what career prospects are available, through professional careers panels and futures post university.

Uni Connect, a national programme funded by the Office for Students (OfS) to reduce the gaps in access to higher education, across the country, for learners from a disadvantaged background

Aimhigher London are a key partner in the London Uni Connect partnership which comprises of three networks working collaboratively with schools, colleges and universities, delivering programmes and supporting learners to make informed choices in order to narrow gaps in access and participation in higher education

We deliver the London Uni Connect Programme in 4 strands:

1. Targeted Outreach

Reaching learners in areas where significantly fewer learners go to university compared with the rest of the country delivered through the Learner Progression Programme

2. Strategic Outreach

Engaging groups of learners who are underrepresented in higher education delivered through working groups and the Learner Progression Programme


3. Signposting

Ensuring information about outreach activities, CPD for teachers and parent or carer engagements is shared with schools across London delivered through London Uni Connect and Aimhigher London marketing

4. Attainment Raising

One of the key barriers to higher education for learners from disadvantaged groups is attainment at GCSE – 2024 will see the delivery of pilot work related to two initiatives: one around raising the reading age of Year 7 pupils who present with the need for literacy support; and another which is designed to support maths teachers whose expertise is in another subject

The parents and carers who care for our learners are important to us too

At Aimhigher London we recognise supporting learners to progress into university can be challenging for parents and carers too

Webinars and engagements are promoted in the autumn and spring term and are delivered in partnership with our university partners – these events are open to all, if you are interested, email us to be informed of future dates

Through the Learner Progression Programme

We aim to:

  • Encourage parents and carers to discuss future education journeys with their children
  • Develop a shared understanding of what higher education is, the cost, the impact and the potential for their children
  • Support by offering practical ways to support their children - exploring subjects, universities and pathways into future careers

We focus on care experienced young people and work towards addressing their specific needs and barriers to enter and succeed in higher education

Aimhigher London’s focus on care experienced learners seeks to address their specific needs and barriers to progress into and succeed in higher education

We address these barriers through our Care Experience Working Group and Steering Group: 

Care Experience Steering Group

A unique network of sector representatives including virtual schools and widening participation practitioners to:

Care Experience Working Group

Actioning delivery and engaging directly with young people with experience in care, to:

  • Identify opportunities for collaborating across networks
  • Improve information, advice and guidance for all key adults who support the education of care experienced young people
  • Make recommendations that better support the transition from school or college to higher education

We consider the Continual Professional Development (CPD) needs of the teachers and practitioners as an essential part of our support offer in the LPP

Each year we identify new opportunities through our working groups and wider networks to develop relevant CPD for teachers, practitioners and learners to disseminate best practice

Events 2023/2024:

April 2024
Learner and Practitioner Transition Conference

Aimhigher London’s Annual Special Educational Needs, Disability and Neurodiversity conference for learners, practitioners, teachers and parents to discover more about the support and advice available for learners with SEND and neurodiversity (see also our UniFish website for information)

June 2024
CPD Conference: SEND and Neurodiversity

Sharing best practice across needs for SEND and neurodiversity learners in education and progression support, along with opportunities to share and discuss the needs of the sector

Information on events held in 2022-2023 can be found here

Aimhigher London’s Disability Working Group

The number of students with a known disability has increased by 47% since 2014/2015, most reporting a mental health condition, however, disabled people are still underrepresented in higher education, and those who are have worse outcomes than non-disabled students, (UK Parliament)

At Aimhigher London we aim to build awareness and understanding of the support available for these learners, and address barriers to progression into higher education

The Disability Working Group is a collaboration of school, college and higher education providers from our members, partnerships and wider stakeholder relationships, working across the education sector to

  • Address barriers to progression
  • Enable student voice
  • Support the understanding of key issues affecting transitions for learners, staff, parents and carers who support them
  • Effect change at a local level

The working group coordinates annual activity for learners and staff, and develops resources to support progression


The one-stop shop detailing support services across London in higher education institutions for learners with SEND and neurodiverse needs.

Please see the slides from the conference organised on behalf of the DWG on the 19th June at London South Bank University entitled ‘Retaining Compassion in Constrained Economic Times’ 

We celebrate our partners commitment to learners taking part in Aimhigher London activities, and their contributions through our annual Aimhigher London Practitioner Awards

The awards are given out to staff and partners from across our schools, virtual schools, colleges, universities and local authorities who go the extra mile in the spirit of equity of access and participation for all

This year’s event will take place in early July, more details to follow

Inclusive Practice Framework

At Aimhigher London we aim to continually improve and develop services and opportunities for learners who are vulnerable

In 2022 we initiated the Inclusive Practice Framework with partners and stakeholders from the SEND Working Group. The Framework is an opportunity for practitioners to contribute to the understanding of what it means to be an inclusive institution

The Framework builds on the Inclusive Practice Award, introduced in 2020, which recognised higher education institutions’ commitment to widening access, improving outcomes for all learners and staff and driving social mobility and built on the recommendations from the Disabled Students’ Commission ‘Arriving at Thriving’ report (Policy Connect, 2020)

Previous Winners of the Inclusive Practice Award:

  • 2020 University of West London
  • 2021 London South Bank University

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