Learner Progression Programme – new 2023 delivery Cutting Through the Noise

Learner Progression Programme – new 2023 delivery Cutting Through the Noise

At Aimhigher London, we regularly review and reflect our programmes to ensure they are fit for purpose for young people on the Learner Progression Programme. This year, it was clear from conversations and focus groups that learners were anxious about preparing for their post 16 options, year 12 students were asking for information, advice and direction on how to start their university thinking in late autumn / spring terms so they could prepare, possibly a hangover from the pandemic impact, but in response, we delivered.

Cutting Through the Noise, an in-school set of modules, addresses gaps in knowledge about the routes and choices available, highlights what research is needed, the jargon students might need to get their heads into, how the admissions process works and steps that can be taken to boost their applications.

There are 6 modules our partner school Career Leads and Coordinators can select modules from, a pock and mix, that can be delivered, each lasts 15 minutes, so in a 45min session, year 12’s have three interactive engagements (in person or virtually), which are short but powerful knowledge boosts! From the feedback so far, year 12 students have said:

What I’ve learnt today is that I need to deepen my research by going to open days and I learnt that modules have a big impact on choosing a course.”

The event was interesting and helpful as I’ve learnt things I didn’t know before today.”

Plans are being considered for how this programme can be enhanced for 2023/24 delivery – if you are interested find out more on the Cutting Through the Noise offer click here


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